What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

Figuring out what to pack in your hospital bag can be overwhelming. When I started making a hospital bag checklist, I had no idea where to begin. Does the hospital provide anything? What do I need to bring for myself and for the baby? It’s a lot! However, I did some research and talked to my Mom friends who shared their must haves for a hospital bag checklist. So, here is what I am bringing in my hospital bag for labor and delivery!

For Mom

Button Down Sleep Shirt

I am not much of a robe person so I opted for this super soft sleep shirt from Target. The brand, Stars Above, makes some amazing sleep and loungewear. However, if robes are more your thing, lots of Mom’s said that was a must in their hospital bags. Stars Above makes a robe that you can grab at target too!

Nursing Bras

A few other blogger Mamas recommended these nursing bras from Amazon. I have been giving them a test run and they are super comfy, supportive and surprisingly great quality for the price. I only packed one in my hospital bag because I anticipate wearing the nursing tanks below with the built in support.

Nursing Tanks

I bought a three-pack of nursing tanks from the same brand as the bras, Hofish. You can also snag these on amazon for a great price. For my hospital bag I am bringing two of these to pair with leggings or joggers.

Super-soft Joggers

One thing about labor is that it’s unpredictable. You can have a solid birth plan and next thing you know, it’s totally out the window. For that very reason I packed two-pairs of super soft joggers that have a looser high-waisted band in the event that I have to have a c-section. I am planning for a normal, vaginal delivery, but you never know and I wanted to be prepared.

Either way, these joggers feel like you’re wearing a cloud and are perfect for lounging around and wearing home from the hospital. In my hospital bag I packed a black pair and an olive green pair. For my Detroit-based ladies, I snagged these joggers from Ferne Boutique in Detroit. They have tons of awesome athleisure options!

Cozy Knit Cardigan

This grandma-style sweater from Madewell is a key piece in my wardrobe, pregnant or not. It’s like my lovey. I can’t make it through a winter without it, which is why I own it in 4 colors. I threw one in my hospital bag because I am always freezing (although not so much these days at 35-weeks pregnant!) and since I don’t love robes I figured this will be perfect to throw on over my nursing tanks to stay cozy.

Slippers and Sticky Socks

This Christmas was the year of the slipper for me. No joke, I received four different pairs and I am not mad about it. I packed two-pairs of fuzzy socks with the grip support on the bottom. Hospital socks will not cut it for me, and my nurse friends said that if you end up having a c-section it’s freezing in there and I’ll want my own socks. The sloth socks were given to me as a gift, but I found a super similar pair at target. I also threw in a pair of sturdier slippers with a hard bottom for walking around the hospital. These ones from J crew are really cute and 40% off right now!

For Baby

Zip-up Footies

One piece of consistent advice I’ve gotten over the last 8 months is that zippers prevail over snaps. When you’re changing 15-20 diapers a day in the beginning its critical to have easy on and off clothing for baby. I love these zip-ups from Spearmint Love because the material is SO soft (seriously would buy this in an adult size if they made them) and they have the cutest ruffle details on the booty. And did I mention most prints have matching bows and hats?!

I packed a newborn size and a 0-3 month size both with their matching bows. Baby P has been measuring on the smaller side, so I think we will be safe with newborn sizes, but its always good to be prepared!

Newborn and 0-3 month Onsies

Yes, I know the hospital has onsies, but what’s the fun in that?! Plus, its winter so I wanted to make sure babe will be nice and cozy. I packed a newborn size long-sleeve onsie and a 0-3 month short sleeve onsie. I love Kate Quinn organics because they also have a super-soft bamboo material and their prices are great! They always have great stuff on sale.

Announcement Photo Outfit

Of course Baby P has to have a cute outfit for her announcement photo on social media. I love the newborn bundles from Lou Lou and Company. I ordered the Shay pattern because I wanted something more neutral. All of their bundles can be ordered with either a hat or a bow depending on what your preference is, and they come with a matching swaddle!

Baby Booties

This came as a recommendation from a few other Mama friends. Baby socks fall off so easily, but its important to keep their feet warm in the beginning! These booties from Zutano are much warmer and cozier than socks and even better they snap around the ankles which makes them less prone to falling off.

Blanket, Burp Cloths and Muslin Swaddles

I packed a heavier blanket that I got as a shower gift to put over her in the car seat when we’re headed home. After all, it will be February in Michigan! Buying a coat for a newborn seems very unnecessary so I plan to snuggle her up in warmer footies and blankets when we leave the house.

Since the newborn bundle from Lou Lou and Co has a swaddle, I packed one additional muslin swaddle just in case. I love the ones from Aden and Anais. They have the cutest patterns!

I also threw in a burp cloth from Burts Bees Organics. I’m probably over packing, but hey, you never know!


Nursing Cover

I got this Copper Pearl carseat cover that doubles as a nursing cover for my baby shower. We are planning to allow visitors to the hospital so this will come in handy if I need to feed while we have company!

Boppy Nursing Pillow

I packed the Boppy in P’s bag because I’ve heard its a nursing must have. I’m planning to breastfeed and this is great for propping up baby to keep your arms from getting really tired.

Pillows and Blankets for Mom & Dad

Again, hospital pillows and blankets just will not cut it for me. Call me Boujie, but I don’t care. Andrew and I each have a blanket and a pillow for our hospital stay. I packed a blanket that I dont mind if it gets a little gross because hey, labor and recovery is messy.


So much of what to pack in your hospital bag is focused on the baby, but its important to bring some stuff to ensure you’re comfortable as well. If you know me, you know that my skin care routine is my holy grail and a constant in my life no matter the circumstance. So no, I wont be letting labor get in the way of washing my face and using my serums. However, I did pack lighter than normal. Here is what I threw in my toiletries bag (which I am obsessed with by the way – you can snag it on Amazon):

  • Face wash, moisturizer and hydrating mist: My husband put this kit from Herbivore in my stocking so I threw it all in my bag! Perfect travel sizes.
  • Eye De-puffer cream: I think this goes without having to explain
  • To-go face wipes: I figured these will be good to freshen up during a long labor
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – plus I packed Listerine strips!
  • Dry shampoo: I dont plan on washing my hair in the hospital, so this will be good to freshen up
  • Essential Oils: I brought peppermint and lavender.
  • Make-up: I kept it super minimal, but packed my tinted moisturizer, brow pencil and mascara.
  • Nipple Butter: because breastfeeding. Ouch. I stocked up on a ton of postpartum products from Earth Mama Organics including their nipple butter. I’ve heard its the best of the best. It’s all natural and you don’t have to wash it off before a feeding.
  • Camera and charger: We’re packing the DSLR to take some photos since we’re not having a birth photographer
  • Phone charger with extra long cord
  • Labor playlist: I LOVE music. It’s always been an outlet for me no matter what mood I am in. Happy, sad, angry or grieving. I’ve been slowly adding songs to a playlist over the last few months to provide some background music while I am laboring. Here is my list so far! Any suggestions?

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