Newborn Essentials

Well folks, I did it. I survived the first 8-weeks of motherhood! Barely. Now that I’ve (sort of) gotten my groove, I wanted to share a list of newborn essentials that have helped me navigate early motherhood. Putting together my baby shower registry was overwhelming to say the least. I had NO idea where to begin. There are thousands of options nowadays and it can be hard to sort through them all to determine what you need. So, here is my list of newborn essentials!


Without a doubt this is the most used item in our household and my #1 item in terms of newborn essentials. If this has to go in the wash suddenly thanks to projectile vomit or a diaper blowout, I straight up panic because Penelope refuses to sleep in anything else. This is perfect for families who plan to co-sleep or if you’re like us, we put this right in her bassinet or crib for naps and night sleep.

During the first few weeks we put the Dock-a-tot on the couch and kept her there for her naps during the day. Babies eat every 1.5 to 2 hours and pretty much sleep all day in between so it was great to have her safely on the couch with us between feedings. This also limited me having to go up and down the stairs which was pretty difficult the first week or so after my c-section.

This is also perfect for families who travel! We even got the cabana kit for poolside naps for our intended, but ultimately canceled, family vacay (thanks Covid!!).

Sound Machines

We love the Hushh sound machine because its portable and affordable! It’s perfect to attach to the stroller and car seat, or even hanging off of the bassinet in your room during the early weeks. Babies love white noise and this is perfect to facilitate naps on the go.

We have the Hatch for her room which is great for a more permanent option in baby’s nursery. The light and favorite settings that you’re able to save make it super user friendly when you’re half asleep at 3 AM.

Owlet Smart Sock 2

I am not too proud to admit that I hated on this product before I purchased it. Okay, I didn’t hate on it, but I did think it was overkill. Then Black Friday rolled around and we got a crazy deal on the Owlet Cam (which we use for a baby monitor) and Smart Sock bundle. After 8-weeks in I can confidently say this product alone has allowed both my husband and I to sleep soundly knowing that if something is wrong with P, we will be alerted right away.

I am a VERY anxious person so I am not sure why I didn’t anticipate that the Owlet sock would be my saving grace. Babies make crazy noises. I had NO idea how loud a 6 lb newborn could be until Penelope was sleeping in her bassinet next to me and you would have thought there was a baby goat in there. Sometimes they grunt, wheeze and generally sound like they’re struggling to breathe (they’re not), which is terrifying as a new parent and constant worrier. Having her sleep with the Owlet sock gave me a huge peace of mind to actually get a bit of sleep when I could, and not constantly run to check on her every time she made a noise.

At about 6-weeks we moved her to her own room. Yes, it’s much earlier than most are comfortable with or what is recommended, but I could not get a single wink of sleep with her crazy noises 3 ft from my bed. And I do NOT do well on little to no sleep. Ask my husband. I would never have done this had I not had the Owlet sock to keep track of her vitals. Is this product expensive? Absolutely. Is it worth every penny? 100%. You can also use FSA dollars for the bundle!

WubbaNub Pacifiers

Penelope is quite the independent little lady. She hates to be swaddled and hates her pacifier (most of the time). Occasionally when she is really fussy she will take a pacifier to self soothe, but she would prefer if I held it in her mouth for her. Ain’t nobody got time for that! No matter how hard I try she will not and cannot leave the pacifier in on her own.

Cue the WubbaNub Pacifiers. At first I thought the plush little animals were just for aesthetics. Another cute and fluffy thing to add to the stuffed animal collection. Nope. Those little plush animals are perfect for shoving into crevices of car seats, the dock-a-tot, strollers, etc. I’ve even resorted to zipping hers up into her jammies to hold it in place at bed time. Genius.

So, if your child is like mine and just generally sucks at the pacifier game, but needs/wants it for soothing, get yourself a few of these. They also have literally have every animal on the planet too!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

I went back and forth about so many bouncers but ultimately decided on this one after the recommendation from a friend, and its been a huge hit! It’s easy to wash and the best part of all is that it lays completely flat for travel. Our plan was to pack this in a suitcase for our now cancelled vacation because it’s that light and portable.

This was great to have once my husband went back to work because I could very easily carry it up and down the stairs post C-section and it gave me the ability to plop her in here so I could take a quick shower or just brush my teeth. I constantly move this from room to room throughout the day when I need a hands free moment.

You can also get this play bar to easily attach/remove from the bouncer too!

Lovevery Play Gym

This was another recommendation from a mom friend and I’m so glad we have this! Lovevery has it figured out when it comes to engaging babies based on their age. They have interchangeable cards and images based on the stages of development. For example, the first three months babies love high contrast visuals, so there are black and white patterned cards that slide into the mat for the first few months. When I lay Penelope down on the mat for playtime or tummy time she is legit hypnotized by the images.

The mat also turns into a super cute play tent for older babies. This is an item you can truly use for the entire first year of your child’s life. Worth the splurge for sure! LoveEvery also has play kits for babies based on their age and we’re considering signing up for the subscription.

Zutano Booties

Baby socks are the worst. They fall off constantly and if you lose one in the wash, good luck finding it ever again. And although baby shoes are cute, they’re totally impractical. These Booties are amazing because they stay on SO much better than socks, but sort of mimic a shoe if you’re into that. We have these in a few colors! If it’s really cold I will even put these on over a pair of socks for extra warmth.

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