Amazon Finds

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of ordering random things on Amazon at all hours of the day. Anyone else make late night Amazon purchases when they can’t sleep? Just me? Then you add quarantine to the equation. My online orders have increased exponentially. My Amazon activity lately fittingly resembles the Covid curve and I have done nothing to flatten it.

That being said, I’ve done plenty of browsing and purchasing lately and I’m here to share my favorite Amazon finds as of late.

Reusable Silicone “Plastic” Bags

I’ve wanted some of these for awhile and I finally pulled the trigger when they were the amazon deal of the day awhile back! These are great for snacking on the go (when we can finally be on the go again) or fridge and freezer storage. The “zip block” seal doesn’t leak, they’re really sturdy, and dishwasher safe. You can get them in tons of different sizes and combinations. Definitely will be ordering more of these for work and daycare lunches!


Every time I buy a pair of designer frames I tell myself I will be responsible. Then, I lose or break them within the first month. This is why I cannot have nice things. I have vowed to never buy expensive sunglasses again. Okay, maybe never, but you know what I mean. I found these two pairs on Amazon of all places and I am obsessed! They are amazing quality. You’d honestly never know they weren’t name brand.

They each come in a few different lens/frame colors. Worth every penny! Plus if you drop them in the lake you dont feel bad buying another pair at $13 a pop.

Packing Cubes

Excuse me while I pour out a margarita for my cancelled vacation to St. Thomas. Okay, we can move on now. I bought these cubes to pack Penelope’s clothes for our trip since we were going to share one large suitcase. Although these didn’t get the full trial run, I did use them to pack her clothes when we went to our lake house for a few weeks and loved them. The set comes with four different size cubes which is great for keeping things organized while maximizing suitcase space.


When I think of quaratine, three things come to mind. Tiger King, Dalgona Coffee and Tik Tok. If you want to make the fluffy coffee AKA Dalgona coffee that is all over the internet, you need a hand mixer, or even better – a frother.

If you saw my instagram post, you know that my fluffy coffee totally failed. It was the weirdest consistency and tasted so bad! I need to try it again. When I am not using it to mess up Dalgona Coffee, I use my frother to mix protein powder or collagen into my coffee or to make oat milk lattes at home. Miss you Starbucks! This thing is super powerful for being handheld and battery powered. So, whether you’re attempting Dalgona coffee or just miss your weekly latte, this thing rocks.

Rechargeable Reading Light

Surprisingly, I have gotten into reading this quarantine. After already spending the last month or so of my pregnancy and the early days with a newborn on the couch binging Netflix, I needed a supplemental hobby. I wanted to read before bed vs. mindlessly scroll Instagram to give myself a screen time break, but the lighting in our bedroom is so bad. This little light is amazing! It’s so lightweight and perfect for reading at night and not disturbing your partner.

Tunic Dress

This is the cutest dress for my postpartum Mamas and for anyone who wants a cute comfy dress that can transition to all seasons. I wore this to a bridal shower with tights and boots back in March when it was still cold and layered it with my leather jacket. But you could also rock this bare legged with some cute wedges for spring and summer!

Oats Overnight

Y’all, I got influenced… HARD. But I am so glad I did because I am obsessed with these. Especially in the early postpartum days when my husband went back to work, I barely had time to brush my teeth let alone make myself actual food. I mix these up with coconut milk or almond milk the night before and leave them in the fridge. I always add some chopped fruit for on top! These keep you full for so long too.

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